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Case Studies


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Parking Facility Locks Down with Integrated Security Management

Based on current statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers and business offices occur in the parking lot. Therefore, Banqiao train station, founded in 1901 in Banqiao (Chinese: 板橋), New Taipei City, Taiwan, recently took the necessary measure to upgrade its 3-story indoor parking facility’s video surveillance system. The facility upgraded to an IP-based video system, consisting of LILIN network cameras to identify license plate numbers, perform people identification, crime prevention, and event detection. The Banqiao station parking structure has the capacity to park more than 1,000 vehicles, and it is definitely the top priority for the station management team to have reliable guards and a video surveillance system in place to detect intruders, observe activity, inspect vehicles, and observe illegal entry attempts.

LILIN, the Preferred Choice in Video Surveillance
LILIN surveillance solutions provide the best network security cameras and surveillance server systems to secure life and property in parking lots. LILIN products provide security while performing territorial control and the real-time accounting of free parking spaces and transport vehicles. Travelers or visitors who park at Banqiao station get the peace of mind they deserve through the support of LILIN’s surveillance solution.


Solution & Installation
What the Banqiao parking facility needed was a security system with multiple cameras located throughout the indoor parking lot that could be remotely monitored and recorded in the main building. Strategically installing LILIN surveillance cameras (CMG178H, IPR428ESX3, PIH-0442N4.3, and PIH-0542P3.6) at blind spots, key access points, and back gates, the system is able to provide the extra visual security required to deter vandalism or theft.

 Camera 360
Results & Benefits

The entire LILIN parking lot operation triggers notifications when equipment failures occur, saving a significant amount of labor cost. Lot usage and activity can be easily ascertained by viewing both live cameras and historical archives captured on site. Video data can also be used for law enforcement, as well as enhancing parking facility security as the whole.


☑ Enhances overall parking lot security
☑ Saves labor cost
☑ Increases operational efficiencies
☑ Video data can be used for law enforcement

Products at a Glance
☑ (2) 600TVL D&N WDR Cameras (CMG178H)
☑ (39) Day & Night 1080P HD Vari-Focal IR IP Cameras (IPR428ESX3)
☑ (12)18M IR Cameras (PIH-0442N4.3)
☑ (19) 21M IR Camera (PIH-254 2P3.6)


Laboratory  Protected with LILIN IP Solutions

IMAG0917sDue to the variety of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials used in a laboratory, a research facility can be challenged to keep a productive environment while ensuring the protection and safety of scientists and other laboratory personnel. Because of this, GRC (Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica) opted to deploy observation cameras for operational monitoring and safety purposes. GRC established critical facilities in 2003 for cell biology and biomedical technology development, including mass spectrometer proteomic facility, genomic research, NMR and X-ray facility for structure determination, microarray, etc.

GRC has recently adopted IP solutions from LILIN to support its high-end positioning and to ensure staff, researchers, and scientists are confident with the security measures in place. Security cameras are an important safety feature in high-security GRC labs where windows are undesirable. It is also the responsibility of the team to provide absolute security in the laboratory, so that the environment is a safe place in which to teach, learn, and work.


Products at a Glance:
☑ (42) Day & Night 1080P HD Dome IP Cameras (IPD2122S4.3)
☑ (13) Day & Night 1080P HD Dome IR IP Cameras (IPR320ESX)
☑ (3) 24-port 10/100M PoE+ Rack-mount Gigabit Ethernet Switch(PMH-POE24390WAT)
☑ (4) 1080P Real-time Multi-Touch 16-Channel Standalone NVR (NVR116)
☑ (4) Full Power 8-Port 130W Network PoE Switch (PMH-POE08130WAT)


The 2-megapixel LILIN observational cameras with tamper detection, IPD2122 and IPR320ESX, were the chosen solution. LILIN PoE-compatible fixed domes have been positioned around the GRC laboratory facilities. The cameras allow an operator to move the camera view around the room and also zoom in on areas of the room as needed. LILIN solutions provide multiple streams, video cropping, and activity adaptive streaming for dynamic frame rate control on LILIN IP based cameras – effective for solving any potential bandwidth issues. Every floor has its own CMX server and storage, and it is connected via optic fiber to a centralized monitoring system, which is situated in the main server room.


LILIN Video Surveillance Plays a Vital Role in Flood Defense Plan in Venice


Advanced security cameras by LILIN are working hand-in-hand with the well-thought-out permanent flood protection, known as the MOSE project, to protect the city of Venice, Italy from flooding.

MOSE Project Set in Motion to Save Venice from the Sea
The city of Venice, Italy suffers from flooding on a yearly basis. In 1966, nearly eighty percent of the city was flooded by high tides. Known to Venetians as the “acqua alta” or “high water,” these tides bring high waters that spill into the walkways and streets of Venice. It happens several times a year, and unfortunately it has gotten worse over the past century.

The barrier project, known formally as the “Experimental Electromechanical Module Project”  (informally MOSE), is designed specifically to maintain high tides of as much as 2.7m from reaching the city. There are three inlets located in the 500km2 lagoon, which will activate when tides rise higher than 110cm. During flooding, for example, when the water reaches above normal levels, the locks will spring into action. MOSE is scheduled for completion in 2014, and once finished, the system will protect Venice from high water levels of up to 3m.

LILIN Video Surveillance Oversees Water Levels20131219-Mose-2
Video surveillance plays an important role in the disaster-monitoring process, as real-time monitoring  of key areas of water is a must. LILIN was selected to be a part of MOSE, all due to the exceptional performance of LILIN’s mechanical housings against corrosion, as well as the cameras’ powerful built-in IR solutions.

Products installed

☑ 57 pcs of IP Cameras (LR7428EX3.6)
☑ 4 pcs of Multi-Touch 16-Channel Standalone NVR (NVR116)
☑ 5 pcs of 8-Port 130W Network PoE Switch (PMHPoE88130W)
☑ 6 pcs of Vandal-Resistant WDR 650TVL Speed Dome Camera (SP8368P)
☑ 1 pc of 16-Channel Standalone DVR (DVR316)
☑ 1 pc of Multi-Function 3D Keyboard Controller (PIH931)


The Lido Lagoon Inlet  is where LILIN solutions serve to help monitor the entire flood-prone area. In this project, there are 63 units of  LILIN L Series IP Cameras (LR7428EX3.6) and Waterproof Speed Dome Cameras (SP8368P) being installed at key locations to watch over the water levels. LILIN security cameras are suitable for applications in a variety of harsh environments, including those vulnerable to tide peaks and sea corrosion.

LILIN Italy is very proud to be a part of this monumental MOSE project and is honored to provide long-term video surveillance to the city of Venice. The MOSE project is now well-equipped for any coming floods with the help of a complete video surveillance system provided by LILIN.

Clothing Manufacturer Streamlines Management with LILIN Network Video


In 2013, a LILIN surveillance installation was completed at a Vietnamese factory of  global textile and clothing manufacturer, Yotsuba Dress Co.

Silver Sea, an approved distribution partner of LILIN, announced that the management team of Yotsuba Dress Co.  selected LILIN’s security surveillance system to secure its factory and warehousing facilities in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.


The primary task for Silver Sea was to develop a solution to protect the Yotsuba warehouse complex and  to install the video surveillance system at an office building, as well as adjacent spaces. Taking into account the needs of the consignment inventory storage,  it was critical that the system and its hardware were not only vandal-proof, but that it was capable of alarm triggering and full video monitoring in the warehouse site.

Analog & IP Cameras

LILIN suggested a solution for this project after an in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs. Different cameras were used in various locations and environments. The original analog cameras are connected to the IP-based system with video encoders, forming a complete IP video management system.

Solution & Outcome


The diverse nature of these requirements meant that the video management system had to be scalable, flexible, and distributed throughout the 3,000 square meters of the factory site. The selection of outdoor cameras for perimeter protection went to the Pro Series network cameras, with their built-in Infrared Illuminators and sustainability to withstand extreme humidity and heavy precipitation in Vietnam. The office areas at the factory were covered by L Series and Z Series Auto-Focus cameras, which offered exceptional image quality and built-in microphones for audio recording.

After the security surveillance system was completed, the image quality of the Yotsuba Dress Co. factory has become richer, brighter, and clearer. In combination with powerful and indispensable application software, image retrieval became faster and easier. Yotsuba staff no longer have to go to the surveillance center station to investigate the situation in key areas.  Instead, they now have the option to remotely view from their offices, conference rooms, and/or anywhere in the world. This greatly improved supervision and work efficiency, and provided constant real-time protection for production safety.


☑ Superior image quality – clearer and brighter
☑ Integration with original analog surveillance cameras
☑ Remote monitoring – improved work efficiency and supervision
☑ Real-time protection across entire factory site

LILIN Products Installed

☑ 32 IP cameras were installed
☑ Pro Series Network Cameras
☑ L Series Network Cameras
☑ Z Series Auto-Focus Network Cameras
☑ CMX software to perform end-to-end monitoring

Maritime Academy in SEA installed LILIN IP-based Solutions

A prestigious maritime college located in SEA deployed LILIN IP-based security video management solutions. The college founded in the year of 2005, delivers the highest standards in maritime education through a competency-based and maritime industry-driven curriculum by highly qualified faculty members.

The Project

The administration team planned to put a simple with quality video output and user friendly IP Surveillance System that could monitor their academy around the clock. The school management team decided to put IP CCTV for each department to monitor students’ activities everyday including the board as well as lodging area in order to protect students and school faculty’s overall safety. The cameras are placed along the corridors, lobby and fire exits of each building. Every building/department has its own VMS and storage and it’s connected via optic fiber to a centralized monitoring system, which is situated in the main server room. The IT engineers and security officers are the ones to operate and manage IP security system.

The Solution

The main task is how to seamlessly integrate IP video system on their existing CCTV network so that school staff can view videos remotely as well as in the main office. School admin team opted for Asia Wiring Systems, a leading distributor for data/network communications products and services in the Asia Pacific region, to design this IP upgrade plan. There are total 61 pieces of LILIN LR6122X IP cameras deployed in this project delivering Full HD 1080P resolution at 15FPS. During at night they said that the image output even in total darkness is still cleared with no flicker noise. All departments VMS are already interconnected with the main server room for monitoring in real-time. LILIN NVR 116 and NVR109 were installed at server room, security control rooms, and admin office for multi location remote surveillance.


LILIN IP-based solutions can compensate what traditional CCTV system does not provide, able to minimize the suffering on poor analogue data and voice transmission and justify the scene. The school IT security staff finds CMX software is easy-to-master, and NVR is also rather easy to navigate videos especially when locating a specific record at a certain period of time.


The System Installed

  • x61 pcs of LR6122x
  • x4 pcs NVR 116D/ x3pcs NVR 109
  • CMX Software for CMS

Asia Wiring Systems Pte Ltd

Asia Wiring Systems was incorporated in 1993, has rapidly grown in the data communication industry. Focusing on delivering the bottom-line, AWS prides itself on Aggressive Sourcing and Competitive Pricing for valued clients within the South East Asian Markets. AWS has transformed and established its company as a leading distributor for data communications products and services in the Asia Pacific region. AWS is carrying a wide range of brands and products from leading manufacturers such as LILIN, AMP, Allied Telesyn, Avaya, Alantek, Agilent, Belden, BrandRex, Krone, Noyes Fiber, Panduit, Superior Modular Products and many more.


LILIN Solutions Secure the Premises for Commercial Complex in Vietnam

20131011-Star-mark-viettel-sViettel Group is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom operators, the company’s headquarter located in the heart of the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi. With year-on-year revenue doubled during 5 consecutive years between 2005 and 2010, Viettel is in process of expanding its office buildings in Yen Bai Province and Ha Nam Province featured with high-end convention center, commercial center, and branch offices.

The Project

The Viettel complex buildings commenced in December 2012 and new LILIN cameras were added to the monitoring system, reaching a total number of more than 76 pieces installed. In order to monitor the premises spread across 42 square meters of land and situated in 2 different provinces, a highly scalable, reliable, and user friendly wireless surveillance is a must for Viettel. Viettel administration team wanted to prevent things like theft, vandalism, loss of company assets, and unauthorized access on the premises. All of this convinced them to contact Silver Star, an approved distribution partner of LILIN.

Products at a Glance:
  • (60) LR7022E4 cameras at halls & elevators
  • (10) IPG1022 bullet cameras & LR7022E4 cameras at entrance & lobby areas
  • (6) IPS2124P Speed Dome cameras @ parking lot
  • CMX 1108 recorder for dual streaming live view and recording

The Solution

To maintain stable image quality in poorly lit areas, a total of 60 LR7022 cameras were installed in the halls and elevators, where artificial lighting is available 24 hours a day and can be adjusted to look like natural light using the cameras white balance feature function. Ten LR7022E4 IP-based cameras and  IPG1022 bullet cameras were utilized in entrance and lobby areas as the built-in IR Illuminator is perfectly suited for surveillance in such low-light areas. In addition, six high-end IPS2124P Speed Dome Cameras with 12X Zoom were installed in the indoor & outdoor parking lot areas and at the main entrance to give the surveillance team the ability to view the entire 360° panorama of these premises.20131011-star-mark-PTZs

The power supply by Power-over-Ethernet under an UPS base provides autonomy in situations like power outage, in which the system remains in operation and the recording continues. LILIN IP cameras through CMX 1108 recorder can even transmit dual streams of video at different resolutions, allowing simultaneous real-time viewing on separate devices—on an onsite administrator’s PC, a smartphone device, central room, etc.

Viettel Group so far is very pleased with the results and expect to continue working with Silver Sea as well as LILIN to deploy the flawless surveillance security system solution until the project completion in 2014.


IP Surveillance Boosts Productivity in Factories


Maxport J.S.C., a rapidly growing manufacturer of products for major American brands such as NIKE, Patagonia, and Reebok, recently deployed LILIN network camera and video surveillance CMX software to create an interactive system to combine several sites based in different locations, and offer live streaming of performances to viewers. The system was implemented by system integrator, Silver Sea, one of the leading security equipment companies in Vietnam.

The Project:
Maxport J.S.C. was looking for CCTV video management system specifications included absolute IP-based, user friendly interface makes it easy for the administrator to master system management, and expandable to meet future needs. In the 18 years since its founding in 1995, Maxport J.S.C. Company, located in Vietnam, has grown into a major manufacturer with a workforce of just under 8,000, and is trying its best in providing ideal working conditions with an emphasis on compliance. Its commitment to providing a safe environment for the workers, with the support of LILIN security solutions.


The Solution: 

The wireless technology market for security is growing at a double digit rate, and LILIN is striving to create wireless technology for security systems to become more cost effective and easier to use. Total of 181 pieces of LILIN LR7228EX3.6, LR6022EX3.6, and IPR320ESX3.6 IP-based cameras were installed indoors and outdoors at 5 different factories in Thai Binh Province, Hanoi, and Nam Dinh Province.

LILIN network surveillance solutions provide wireless technology to connect all installed cameras altogether for clear monitoring of factory workers’ movements, event of interest, and product line activities. LILIN solutions provide complete video security of each factory site with one integrated single view for managers/security administrators to manage by the use of LILIN CMX central management system as well as NVR404C.Maxport J.S.C. is benefited financially and technically, and the overall safety of the factory workers has been enhanced as well. The security system powered by LILIN is highly scalable and will serve Maxport J.S.C. for many years.

Products installed:

  • (120) LR7228EX3.6 x LR6022EX3.6 x IPR320ESX3.6 IP cameras @ Thai Binh factories
  • (36) IPR320ESX3.6 x LR7228EX3.6 cameras @ Hanoi factory
  • (25) LR7228EX3.6 x LR6022EX3.6 cameras @ Nam Dinh factory
  • CMX software @ local and remote PC


  • Monitor multiple factories on one central system
  • Provide the necessary and impeccable image detail to capture production line activities
  • Easily share incidents captured on video
  • Ease the work loading on line managers
  • Secure entire access points
Silver Sea, an approved distribution partner and/or system integrator of LILIN, was assigned the task of installing the new IP system for management of multiple factories. This IP surveillance solution allows line managers to monitor and manage production lines remotely.

Forest Retreat Center Near Kuala Lumpur Secures its Future with IP Cams


One of the largest Tibetan Buddhist-based spiritual retreat centers located just an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 2012 and has been undergoing multiple construction phases continuously. The beautiful retreat center is a place for anyone desires to seek spiritual solace and for those who wish to have some time out of their daily city life to rest, relax, and recharge. The retreat center keeps its commitment to providing a safe environment for the practitioners and staff with the support of LILIN security surveillance solution systems.

The center features various facilities and buildings situated in the deep mountains of Malaysia consisting of a stupa, butter lamp houses, chapels, a world peace hall where can accommodate 3,000+ folks, forest walks, an vegetable garden, dormitories, private residence, administrative office, a gift shop, classrooms, meditational halls, cabins for practitioners and/or students.

The areas of the center facilities occupy over 25 acres of land in total, and divided into 5 different construction phases. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. Phase III construction was recently successfully completed along with LILIN-based surveillance system installed earlier this year.


LILIN has been supplying the forest retreat center with standalone NVR security systems, IP cameras, and CMX software to a centrally managed integrated IP security system for video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control to ensure the safety of staff, students, and practitioners at the retreat center. The center is planning to install nearly 500 IP cameras for indoor and outdoor areas. Installed IPD2220E 2-megapixel cameras equipped with the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature is able to ensure the identification of persons or objects of interest under high-contrast lighting conditions. Several LR7428X IP66-rated water-proof cameras installed that can resist damage caused by dust and rain, allowing to be operated in outdoor environments.


All IP cameras are connected to NVR 109s at operation rooms sending live streaming videos by means of optic fiber cables for total situational awareness via CMX 1072 central video management device. An offsite monitoring center — therefore eliminating the in-ground wires. CMX provides delay-free video image transmission in real-time mode, and it is easy to enable flexible configuration of transmission parameters.

The retreat center is an ongoing project, and LILIN’s responsive and knowledgeable support experts with proficient experience in networking and surveillance fields will be helping the center to provide a quality surveillance technology deployment every step of the way. In addition, LILIN’s surveillance solutions are highly interoperable and future-proof.

LILIN IP Installed at Leading Waste Management Company


Having built up a diverse fleet of specialised vehicles and a highly trained and experienced workforce, R.J. Roe & Sons provide environmental cleaning and waste management services to a multinational customer base of water authorities, port and local Authorities and utility and civil engineering companies; amongst others.

The Project

When R.J. Roe & Sons updated their CCTV system the specifications included extreme reliability, easy to operate, network based, centralised control and expandable to meet future needs. LILIN IP Video products were the ideal solution.

Project Skills Solutions, an approved installer of LILIN, were assigned the task of installing the new IP CCTV system for improved management of the site. The existing system was out of date and did not have the capabilities to handle the increased demands of the site, which had grown dramatically since 2011. R.J. Roe & Sons wanted to lease the system as it gave them the ability to upgrade, if required, cost effectively at a later date.

LILIN, with over 32 years of CCTV experience, were recommended to R.J. Roe & Sons through Project Skills Solutions to deliver the required network based security system.

The Solution

The LILIN solution was designed around R.J. Roe & Sons need to strengthen security, monitor equipment and as much as possible secure its various access points. Project Skills Solutions and LILIN recognised these demands required an effective surveillance solution with the installation having a minimal impact on daily activities at the site.

Project Skills Solutions selected LILIN’s 1080P IP iMEGAPRO network cameras for the installation. The LR7424X series were chosen for the high quality video images which were an important factor to R.J. Roe & Sons, who also wanted to view their CCTV images on smart devices.


The cameras were programmed by Project Skills Solutions before being taken to site to save time. Once on site they were then installed and focused.

System Control

Due to the layout of the site it was cost effective to link some cameras wirelessly, A new Airmax bridge 5.1 GHz 802.11a/n outdoor CPE 16dBi Antenna was installed to transmit the two new rear of site cameras across external buildings. Also installed was a new 16 port 10/100 260 watt PoE switch which powers the cameras.


LILIN network cameras R. J. Roe & Sons are able to expand coverage further than the original system could provide. The installation went well and was completed without disruption.


LILIN Joins Forces on Large Car Dealership Renovation

LILIN Americas teamed up with Clark Security Products, Dave Clark Construction, Alpha Electric, and Tom Bell Chevrolet to complete the largest renovation of any existing Chevrolet dealership to date.

20130808-image (2)

The ultimate goal of the dealership owners was to retain redundancy with the video backup in the case of a hard drive experiencing downtime failure. LILIN provided a 36-channel server (CMX1036) with RAID storage, offering a back-up drive if the primary hard drive is unavailable. The show room indoor premises is comprised of more than 30 pieces of HD LILIN iMEGAPROseries IP-based cameras, including the IPD2322ESX3.6 flush mount dome cameras as well as IPR6122ESX3.6 IR dome cameras mounted on the ceiling for both indoor and outdoor areas .

20130808-image (1)


In addition, LILIN IPR7334ESX3.6 outdoor IR bullet-type cameras with built-in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) feature is able to capture license plate numbers on the driveway. LILIN also supplied an IPS6224M 1.3 megapixel resolution with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) feature high speed dome camera is able to tour the overall car sales lot; the dealership staff can therefore benefit from accessing playback remotely in the facility’s office.


LILIN Americas is proud to gain this opportunity in creating such ideal retail experience for Tom Bell Chevrolet. Tom Bell Chevrolet is very pleased with the image quality that LILIN surveillance has delivered and would like to thank all of those involved in bringing this project to fruition.


LILIN IP installed at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons


Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Raymond Blanc’s luxury restaurant and hotel in Great Milton, Oxfordshire is one of the UK’s most prestigious establishments. Home to The Raymond Blanc Cookery School, it has held two Michelin stars for 29 years, has trained numerous Michelin starred chefs, won many awards and become a destination of choice.
It was unsurprising that when Le Manoir’s management team updated their CCTV system specifications were extremely stringent. The system had to be simple to use and offer a discreet HD IP solution that blended into the listed buildings. LILIN’s IP Video products were the perfect solution.

Transition from analogue to IP

G4 Communications, the trusted IPCCTV integrator, were assigned the task of replacing the outdated infrastructure and implementing a new system to provide coverage of Le Manoir’s grounds. The existing system at the restaurant and hotel had not yet seen the benefits of HD quality images and was proving costly to manage. After careful consideration of Le Manoir’s requirements, G4 Communications had no hesitation in putting forward LILIN as the provider.
With over 32 years CCTV experience and one of the leaders within the IP Video market, G4 Communications were sure that LILIN were the right choice for the Le Manoir project. LILIN’s understanding of new products, innovations and technologies has seen them embrace HD IP; in fact they have trained over 500 installers to date in the transition from analogue to IP Video.

The LILIN solution was designed around Le Manoir’s need for flexibility, simplicity and their commitment to environmentally-friendly products and energy-saving technology. G4 Communications and LILIN recognised these stringent demands necessitated the installation of a sophisticated, effective, surveillance solution with minimal impact on visitors.

G4 Communications selected 25 x LILIN 720P IP iMEGAPRO network cameras which were installed in strategic locations to maximise the efficiency of the system and monitor vital areas throughout the property.
A key element was the involvement of the staff whose knowledge proved invaluable, for example, they helped with the correct positioning of cameras and provided vital information on potential trouble spots. Also installed was a management PC, 5 x Ethernet switches along with LILIN CMX software used to monitor and control the cameras.

Control of the system

By connecting the cameras into the central monitoring solution within the maintenance room at Le Manoir, Csaba Balogh, the Back of House Manager, is able to maintain strict control over the movement of persons entering the grounds of the hotel and restaurant, monitor any location from multiple review points on the network and easily share incidents captured on video. This provides peace of mind for guests and staff alike.

With the new LILIN network cameras and central video management system, Le Manoir is able to expand coverage beyond what its older analogue system could provide. The installation went well and was completed without any disruption to Le Manoir or its guests. Dave Allen, Managing Director at G4 Communications commented “The LILIN IP CCTV system gives Le Manoir the quality of service and flexibility, which it requires for external coverage”.
Investing in a ‘future proof’ technology was essential to Le Manoir. LILIN’s IP video systems allow full integration, giving Le Manoir the opportunity to add to the system if desired. This could mean, for example, integration with other intruder or fire alarm systems that are directly linked to the security system and allow for an immediate, integrated response.

Future upgrades

Le Manoir wanted to safeguard their investment with their chosen system ultimately providing the best of both worlds – protecting their property, providing access to the benefits of advanced network video technology and the ability to add to the system at a later date. Already the management team at Le Manoir are looking to upgrade all the internal CCTV cameras across the site. Gurval Durand, Deputy General Manager at Le Manoir said “We are pleased with the new CCTV system and the support G4 has provided”.



Low cost carriage terminal (LCCT)

The recent expansion of the LCCT open air carpark from 1,350 to 3,000 parking lots was complemented with a LILIN IP camera system comprising of 56 HD Megapixel camera’s managed with CMX HD 3.6 version software.

Mounted on 4-metre poles the IPR712S4.3 HD Megapixel CMOS Day & Night cameras with 16m IR radiant facilitate a cost-effective IP video monitoring of the gated open car park.

The LILIN Solution

The cameras come encased in IP66 rated cable-managed cast-aluminium housing-cum-bracket that conceals all cables to the camera thereby eliminating unsightly exposed cables. The system is managed with dual LILIN CMX36 HD server supported by CMX HD3.6 version software via optic fiber link.


Tan Chong Trading (M) Sdn Bhd (TCT) a subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd has endorsed Merit LILIN Malaysia Sdn Bhd as their business partner.TCT is the trading arm of the Tan Chong Group providing and catering quality products and services to their sister companies within the group and associate companies.

In their search for a CCTV supplier that meets to meticulous standards, TCT found in LILIN a reliable manufacturer of quality CCTV products with dependable support from their Malaysian office.

Backed with testimonies from their business associates who are users of LILIN product, hands-on experience on the performance of LILIN cameras and a visit to the LILIN factory in Taiwan, TCT made their choice in selecting Merit LILIN Malaysia Sdn Bhd as their CCTV product supplier.

TCT will install LILIN brand of CCTV products in their offices, showrooms and other premises within the Tan Chong Group which has business interest not just within Malaysia, but also in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Tan Chong Group

Bank Muamalat CCTV goes IP

Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd has moved ahead to adopt IP HD CCTV for their video surveillance at their HQ.

The full HD IP system of sixteen dome, IR and Vandal Resistant 2 megapixel LILIN cameras is managed with a LILIN 16-channel Multi-Touch stand-alone Network Video Recorder.

The LILIN NVR116 is a 16-channel 1080P Real-Time NVR with a maximum network throughput of up to 48 Mbps. It also supports up to 8 pieces of SATA HDDs and 1 eSATA.

With is Full HD 1920×1080 HDMI output coupled with a Touch-Screen monitor operation of the system and zooming-in and out of camera display is made effortlessly easy by just simply touching the monitor screen with one or more fingers.

Bank Muamalat

LILIN Australia Partners with Eveready Alarms & Security Services

In NSW Australia, LILIN Australia has been hard at work with Eveready Alarms to incorporate the 16-channel NVR Touch (NVR116) into some of their most recent jobs.


Eveready Alarms are responsible for the majority of network surveillance installs for a well known global fast food chain. Eveready Alarms have a lot of technical expertise and experience in the commercial surveillance sector.

Mark Marzol, the General Manager & owner of Eveready Alarms & Security Services, gave LILIN a chance to trial one store at Lisarow in NSW with 2 NVR116s and 24 cameras, including the IPD2220, IPR320, and the IPR434. This installation proved very successful for both Eveready Alarms and LILIN Australia. LILIN has been told that their support is excellent and that Eveready is very happy with the speed in which issues were addressed.

Since the first job, LILIN Australia has provided services to two more stores undergoing upgrades, in M4 West and Lakemba. The owner of the first store at Lisarow has even requested the same LILIN product be used in several other stores of his!
Eveready Alarms has elected LILIN as the go-to for four more projects. Mark Marzol is very impressed with LILIN Australia. Prior to trying our products his company has used many surveillance products on the market such as Pacom and Mobotics to name a few.

Graham Madden, State Manager at LILIN Australia stated, “The alliance between LILIN Australia and Eveready Alarms will prove to be an important step in proving the reliability and outstanding performance of the iMEGAPRO series of IP cameras in the Australian market.” LILIN is proud to have worked with Eveready Alarms & Security Services and looks forward to developing our relationship further for many opportunities to come in the future.

Catching Thieves in the Act

Shopping Centre, Perth

LILIN Australia recently supplied an IP solution for a shopping centre in Perth, Australia. The system involved the installation of thirty 2 and 3 Megapixel iMEGAPRO cameras employed to monitor the inside and outside of shopping and car park areas. This installation uses LILIN’s license-free CMX software and high-end server to control the video storage and system.

The customer was so impressed by the quality that even before the final system was completed they were contemplating adding additional cameras and servers! What further impressed the customer was that during the installation, a purse-snatching incident was captured by LILIN cameras. The reaction of the local police, when they saw the video footage and the color print-out of the culprit was nothing short of, “WOW!”

All featured images in this article were captured by LILIN’s iMEGAPRO IPD2220ES4.3 2MP HD IP Mini-Dome Camera.

South Korean Monorail Project

Daegu, South Korea

LILIN has been selected as the security camera manufacturer of choice for the third rail transport line being built in Daegu, South Korea.  This new bi-directional Hitachi monorail will provide both safety and surveillance with the installation of 224 LILIN IPD6222ES4.3 IP Vandal Mini Dome Cameras. The fleet includes 28 trains, and each will feature 8 of the EN50155-compliant Mini Domes. LILIN is elated to have the opportunity to step into the railway market by taking part in such a high profile project.

Construction of the Daegu monorail began in July of 2009, and is expected to be completed in October of 2014. When finished, the rail line will extend from Dongho-dong in Northern Daegu, all the way to the southern suburb of Beommul-dong.  The monorail form was chosen due to its quicker construction time and lower cost, and will be the first urban transit monorail system in Korea.

JinHan Teo, of LILIN Pacific, has been heavily involved with this bid.  Pleased with the selection of LILIN as the train’s surveillance system provider, he remarked, “This to me is a significant achievement, as it is a great reference for us in the railway market, a very big market for cameras…”

LILIN hopes to continue its involvement in the railway industry, and expects the Daegu monorail to be a prime example of LILIN quality in a mobile setting.

Salvation Army Project

Salvation Army Project

LILIN Americas partnered with Controlled Key Solutions to provide a great HD video case study at the Salvation Army Headquarters building in Downtown Long Beach. The historical building is in a prime location overlooking several key landmarks in the city.

LILIN strategically positioned a 3MP 60m IPR7334SX5 IR camera overlooking the Long Beach harbor where the Queen Mary is docked, providing a live cam feed local news stations can pipe into and display for their weather segments and live area views.

The company also installed a 1.3MP IPS6224 PTZ next to the 3MP camera to provide a view of the harbor and a tour sequence of several local attractions including the Long Beach Grand Prix track, the Queen Mary, Terminal Island, the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and on clear days, even Catalina Island!

LILIN Americas is pleased with how the cameras are performing and looks forward to other demo projects with partners like Controlled Key. “The view from the cameras is remarkably clear. We are truly honored to provide a solution for a reputable organization such as the Salvation Army. We are receiving nothing but positive feedback from this joint venture, and know that this is not the end to the relationship,” says Robert, a team member of LILIN Americas.

Paws Pet Resort Project

Paws Pet Resort

LILIN Americas provides HD IP surveillance application for Paws Pet Resort in Lake Forest, California. With an embedded video feed on their website called the Live Doggie Cam, PawsPR was unhappy with the quality of their existing CCTV system. Looking to improve the experience of their guests’ owners, the hotel decided to replace their existing application with one that would guarantee clear footage of their four-legged friends.

To help with this project, LILIN Americas recommended the resort install LILIN’s 9-channel NVR Touch, the NVR109, along with 4 2MP IPD2122ES HD Dome IP Cameras. All LILIN iMEGAPRO cameras come embedded with the Java-written LILINApplet, which automatically downloads itself to the user’s PC. Therefore, no web master needs to host LILINApplet in order to use it.

“Paws Pet Resort was unhappy with their previous cameras. Customers were having trouble logging onto the Doggie Cam without downloading an app. With LILIN cameras installed in their facility, customers can view their pets without downloading an app. This way they can view their pets when they want to and make sure they are being taken care of.” states a LILIN Americas sales team member.

With two of the camera feeds live on the website, the Paws Pet Resort will have constant vibrant footage during business hours, allowing all “parents” to check up on their pets while away.