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LILIN is pleased to announce the complete integration of all IP video cameras with Milestone’s XProtect Video Management Software (VMS).


Via ONVIF, this integration allows the majority of LILIN’s extensive product portfolio, including network cameras, network speed domes, and video encoders, to be fully compatible with Milestone’s full range of XProtect VMS (including XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, and XProtect Express, among others).

Utilizing Milestone’s powerful, reliable, and simple-to-operate Video Management Software, LILIN can offer customers more enhanced IP video surveillance solutions. For example, when the LILIN iMEGAPRO Series IP Video Cameras are linked to Milestone’s comprehensive VMS, users can benefit from integrated audio, alarm outputs, motion detection, and supported camera scan.

For further information, please contact the US office:
P: 888.287.8686 E: Info@LILIN.US W: www.LILIN.US


LILIN IR Illuminators are designed to work with all IP and Analog cameras, and have a range of up to 250m, with a wide angle beam of up to 60°.


Incorporating 24 IR LED’s to provide quality images in the dark, LILIN’s Illuminators are available in 3 different versions:
  • IM05108: 250m IR Range with a 10° beam
  • IM05308: 200m IR Range with a 30° beam
  • IM05608: 150m IR Range with a 60° beam
The Adjustable Control Point allows the distance of illumination to be adjusted to suit surveillance requirements and to match the camera’s field of view.


Each Illuminator is fitted with a Sensor Auto Control to manage LED output relevant to the appropriate lighting conditions.


With an IP67 rating, the Illuminators provide consistent illumination and outstanding reliability with a two-year LILIN warranty. All LILIN Illuminators can be either ceiling or wall mounted and are supplied with a bracket.


For further information, please contact the US office:
P: 888.287.8686   E: Info@LILIN.US W: www.LILIN.US




LILIN is pleased to announce that the iMEGAPRO and L Series cameras are now  compatible with 128GB SD/Micro SD cards.

Having SD/ Micro SD capabilities on your LILIN IP camera allows you to record quality HD IP 1080P video directly to the card plugged into your camera.

There are a number of different ways to manage your card recordings on your LILIN IP cameras: CMX, Internet Explorer, the LILIN APP, or by plugging your SD / Micro SD card directly into your PC.

It’s now possible to playback recordings on the SD/Micro SD card using a simple calendar search.   You can access playback by browsing through the recordings and searching by  relevant date and time.

Recordings on the SD/Micro SD card are saved as AVI files. This allows them to be simply exported and used where required.

The SD/Micro SD card can be set for continuous recording or triggered on an alarm event. Such events include: motion detection, audio detection, and digital input alarms. These alarms can be set to permanently post an event onto a schedule*. Once the card is full, it will automatically overwrite previous recorded files so there’s no missing out on unforeseen events.

If connection to a network is lost, the camera can continue recording to the installed SD/Micro SD card**, ensuring you always have an available backup.

*Schedule only available on the L Series.

** Local power for cameras is required to achieve this.

IPPTZSMRGBAvailable in both Indoor and Outdoor models, LILIN’s IP PTZ’s are capable of streaming video at up to 30 FPS.

With options of either D1, 1.3MP, or 1080P resolution, there really is a camera for every situation.

Features of the Speed Dome Cameras include:

Lens Options: A wide range of optical zoom lenses are available for our IP Speed Dome Cameras, from 18X, to an impressive 36X zoom ratio. If this isn’t enough, some models even offer up to 256X digital zoom!

Presets and Tours: As with all LILIN dome cameras, up to 128 quick reference preset points can be set. Numerous autopan tours are also available.

Alarm Inputs: Local alarms can be triggered in all the IP PTZ’s by NO/NC contacts. These can then set the dome to move to requested preset positions.

Housings and Brackets: From internal wall brackets and external pole mount adaptors, to cable managed brackets, the IP Speed Dome Camera series is supported by a range of accessories.

Wide Dynamic Technology: The cameras capture highlights and shadows simultaneously, eliminating pixilation and smear. Combine this with 3D Noise Reduction Technology and Adaptive Tone Reproduction, and the contrast of images in bright/dark areas is dramatically improved.

Connecting to Your Existing IP System: Connect the PTZ’s to our NVR series and the installation wizard, WS Discovery, will locate all IP cameras on the network and generate a snapshot image of each channel, helping with identification and speeding up setup.

Additional Benefits: Further features include privacy zones, comprehensive scheduling, 2-way audio, weighted mode, digital PTZ, alarm activation by motion, audio detection and digital inputs.

For further information please contact the US office at 888.287.8686, email Info@MeritLILIN.US or visit

Complementing the already established iMEGAPRO series, the IPG1052ES is LILIN’s new 5MP HD IP Box Camera. Capable of streaming HD video at up to 12 FPS at 5MP, or 30FPS at 2MP/1080P, this latest addition to the series provides a solution at our highest resolution ever.

Featuring Wide Dynamic Technology, the IPG1052ES captures highlights and shadows simultaneously, eliminating pixilation and smear. Combine this with 3D Noise Reduction and Adaptive Tone Reproduction, and the contrast of images in bright/dark areas is dramatically improved.


Product Highlights:

  • 5MP CMOS Image Sensor
  • 12FPS at 5MP
  • 2D WDR Functionality
  • 2-Way Audio Supported
  • H.264 Compression
  • Motion Detection
  • 4 Privacy Zones
  • Weighted Mode
  • 30FPS at 2MP/1080P
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • Digtial PTZ Supported
  • ONVIF Supported
  • Day/Night
  • Sense Up+
  • Comprehensive Scheduling
  • Free CMX Software Supplied

The IPG1052ES provides diverse alarm functions such as motion, audio, tampering, and face detection. Furthermore, with LILIN’s Sense Up+ technology, this box camera provides the ultimate low-light image without any motion blur or noise. Additional features include 4 privacy zones, comprehensive scheduling, 2-way audio, and weighted mode.

Shipped with free CMX central management software, the camera offers an exceptional range of functions including EPOS connectivity and database searching. CMX can even scan the network for all active IP cameras! You can view, record, and manage up to 36 channels of video completely free, without any attached license fees.

For further information, please contact the US office at 888.287.8686, email Info@MeritLILIN.US or visit