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1080p Covert Camera from LILIN is Potential Game-Changer for ATM, Residential or Retail Video Surveillance



LILIN Americas, the US entity of IP video provider Merit LILIN, today introduced a covert surveillance camera that enables the capture of high-definition video at ATMs, retail outlets, and other indoor locations while maintaining a low-profile presence to not tip off criminals.

Building on over three decades of leadership and innovation from LILIN, the new IPC0122 IP camera gives users a flexible monitoring solution that can be accessed on-site with a monitor, by way of an SD card, or remotely using an existing IP network. By combining 1080p HD video with the capability to position the miniature camera head up to 18 feet away from the main unit, the IPC0122 helps provide the peace-of-mind banks and businesses need at the cost they can afford.

Like all LILIN cameras, the IPC0122 is easy to install, coming with multiple inputs and outputs, ONVIF compliance, and support for Power over Ethernet to eliminate the need for a separate power supply. To allow maximum flexibility when mounting the system and to avoid detection, the camera’s pinhole lens measures a mere 3.7mm around (0.15-inch) making it possible to place within a machine or behind a wall. Built-in intelligence lets the IPC0122 IP camera automatically send alarms if it is tampered with – immediately alerting users of security breaches or crime. It will also detect motion and outside audio.

The IPC0122 comes equipped with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor to capture video at 30-frames-per second at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080. LILIN 3D noise reduction technology removes specks on the video that may be captured in poor lighting. Additionally, video is compressed using True H.264 codec to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements.

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